The Euro chair is the new Standard when it comes to mass public seating. The improved design, style, and elegance set it apart, but its the high-impact fully moulded polypropylene fabrication that delivers all the benefits. A seat so sleek and comfortable, yet no moving parts, no steel to rust, no feet to fall off, no ganging hardware to buy as extras only to have to fit-off, nothing. A custom moulded one piece chair that does the lot. Including Euro’s simply built-in linking system that comes at no extra cost! It’s a true ALL-IN-ONE chair. Available in a multitude of colours, stay with solids or be bold and mix it up. Stacking almost vertical to 14 high Euro’s sleek design keeps the height manageable. And the strong one piece moulded construction makes them basically maintenance free. They may not wipe themselves down but that’s not to say couldn’t hose them off if ever you had too! Perfect for schools, universities, function rooms. community halls, training rooms, reception centres, churches, and all manner of multi-purpose seating.

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